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Septic Tank Services for Mobile, AL and Surrounding Areas

Septic Tank Services for Mobile, AL and Surrounding Areas

251-675-1393 or 251-533-0495

Kemp’s Tank Service is a family-owned and operated business founded in 1971.  Kemp’s Tank Service is Licensed, Certified and Bonded.  Our staff is educated by the Alabama State Health Department. Kemp’s Tank Service provides the following services: Pump septic tanks and holding tanks Work with plumbers Pump lift stations Open both ends of the septic tank Clean septic tank filters Install lids on septic tanks The pictures above show the septic tank pumping process:  first digging up of the septic tank showing where we cover the septic tank with black plastic; the digging up of the septic tank; the pumping of the septic tank;  and the yard after we finish pumping the septic tank and cover it back up. Kemp’s Tank Service will not be the most expensive and we will not be the cheapest… because to be cheap you leave quality behind.
251-675-1393 or 251-533-0495 Kempís Tank Service
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